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Thursday, August 16, 2012
The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant moved an urgency motion in NSW Parliament today in support of the Government's commitment to toughen 'right to silence' laws.

The motion comes on the back of an announcement by the Premier to amend the Evidence Act.

The measures to be introduced will enable juries to draw adverse inferences against an alleged criminal who refuses to speak to investigating police.

"Often in these cases evidence is produced at trial by the alleged criminal in a last minute bid not to be found guilty of the offence," said Mr Grant.

"The Government believes that juries are clever enough to identify suspicious evidence which is suddenly produced at trial designed to assist the accused avoid conviction."

"The measures include changing the wording of the traditional caution given by police to reflect the words used by arresting officers in Britain and Wales that apply to serious indictable offences."

Mr Grant said regular viewers of the popular British police program 'The Bill' would be familiar with the refrain:

“You are not obliged to say or do anything unless you wish to do so. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say and do may be given in evidence. Do you understand?”

A draft bill would be finalised by the end of August with legislation to be introduced into Parliament in October.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant visited Wongarbon today to see how funds through the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership program will be used to improve the Wongarbon Hall.

Earlier this year NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced the roll out of $35 million for 1424 community projects throughout the state.

Dubbo City Council received $57,500 for improvements to the Wongarbon Hall and for lighting upgrades at the South Dubbo Oval.

"It's exciting to be here in Wongarbon to see how the money will be spent improving an important community asset," said Mr Grant.

"The Dubbo Electorate had 15 projects ranging from $4,000 to $100,000 that received funding through the program, making a great impact on the day to day lives of our communities.

“Local construction and trades jobs and local businesses stand to benefit from the activity as community infrastructure is built, refurbish or enhanced.

“I look forward to seeing the benefits of this upgrade for the Wongarbon community."


Monday, July 16, 2012

North Dubbo’s struggling stormwater infrastructure will get $1.5 million boost thanks to a generous loan subsidy from the NSW Government’s Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme, Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said today.

The $70 million scheme provides councils with a four per cent interest subsidy over 10 years on loans to allow infrastructure projects which languished for 16 years under Labor to finally go ahead.

Minister for Local Government Don Page said the scheme would unlock shovel-ready infrastructure projects for communities across the State.

Mr Grant said the local project will provide trunk drainage infrastructure in North Dubbo which will support other drainage initiatives such as improving kerbs and guttering so that stormwater can be discharged to receiving areas.

“I am delighted the NSW Government can assist our community to have work begin on this vital project in a growing part of our community sadly ignored by Labor,’’ Mr Grant said.

“This project will provide underground drainage for the first time to the area which has a significant population.

“Anyone who has been in this area knows that, being flat, there are difficulties in draining stormwater away.

“Draining stormwater away properly reduces flooding which endangers residents and causes damage to dwellings as well as disruption and inconvenience to the community.’’

Dubbo City Council plans to borrow $1.5 million to fund the work, assisted by the State Government’s interest rate subsidy under the Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme.

Mr Page said the projects covered by the scheme include roads, bridges, community halls, libraries, paths, parks, water facilities and airports.

The scheme is expected to give the green light to up to $1 billion worth of infrastructure across the State.

“Almost 100 applications from councils across the State were received for funding - a response which illustrated how dire the backlog in infrastructure was under the previous Labor Government,” Mr Page said.

“This scheme is a promise kept by the NSW Liberals & Nationals. It will create jobs, develop and renew infrastructure and improve the quality of life for the people of NSW.

“With the first round of applications complete, there is still $60 million to fund other projects across the State in future rounds of grants under the scheme," Mr Page said.

Mr Page urged councils who missed out to apply for the second round of funding, expected to open by the end of the year.

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird said the Government was serious about building for the future.

"What we are saying to councils is that we will help share the burden on borrowing costs on the loans required to tackle the infrastructure backlog," Mr Baird said.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A new era of policing in the region commenced today, with the ceremonial turning of the first sod at the site of Parkes multimillion dollar new police station, the Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said.

Mr Grant joined the Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mike Gallacher to mark the special milestone in Parkes.

"I was delighted that the Police Minister kindly accepted the invitation to turn the first sod, demonstrating Mike Gallacher's commitment to improving regional policing infrastructure and resources," said Mr Grant.

"As a former officer I know how much better the police will be able to serve the local community's policing needs out of a contemporary work place."

The NSW Government allocated over $5 million in the 2012-2013 budget towards the completion of this $14 million project.

Mr Grant said Parkes should be proud of its long and rich history of police representation.

"Generations of police officers have cut their teeth working out of the historic police station in Currajong Street," said Mr Grant said.

"What might have been a suitable building for housing police operations from 1883 is no longer the case; what is now required is a purpose built state of the art facility to take policing into the future."

In 1883 a brick police lock-up was built in Currajong Street and a police residence was built at the corner of Court and Hill streets. Parkes became Western Area Police Headquarters in 1936 with the officer-in-charge controlling from Blackheath to Broken Hill. Today, Parkes is headquarters of the Lachlan Local Area Command.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant today joined Environment and Heritage Minister Robyn Parker in encouraging locals to attend a forum in Dubbo that will canvas changes to Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation.

The forum to be held on July 10 at the Dubbo RSL Club between 1.30 – 3.30pm, will provide an opportunity for feedback on the proposed changes to the legilsation while presenting a comparison of the NSW Aboriginal heritage system with other Australian legislative systems.

The Dubbo forum is one of 11 such forums to be held across the State from Queanbeyan to Coffs Harbour and Broken Hill.

“Aboriginal culture and heritage provide important links between the past and present and is an essential part of cultural identity, connection and a sense of belonging," said Mr Grant.

 “The NSW Government wants to get this consultation process right by ensuring that the community are given ample opportunities to be involved," Minister Parker said.

“Something as significant as Aboriginal cultural heritage ought not be diluted within legislation relating primarily to the protection of plants and animals."

Information on the forums has been sent to community and stakeholder groups across NSW, and is also available at

For further information on the feedback forums visit


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant is urging consumers to only purchase tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games from authorised ticket agents.

Mr Grant said consumers should avoid falling prey to bogus websites and organisations claiming to sell tickets to the games.

“The only authorised Australian ticketing agent for the London Olympic Games is CoSport at, while for the Paralympic Games, the Paralympics Australia Travel Office on is the authorised ticketing agent,” he said.

“Consumers buying tickets for the London Games should also visit the official London 2012 website at for additional information about known unauthorised ticketing websites.”

Mr Grant said Olympic ticketing scams were not a new phenomenon.

“As with many major events, scammers emerge with sinister and convincing ways to rip people off”, he said.

“Olympic Games tickets are keenly sought after and many people spend years meticulously planning and saving to attend the games.”

Mr Grant said scammers will often create official looking websites that claim to sell official Olympic tickets.

“These websites are designed to take consumers’ money and not supply the tickets or to supply fake tickets that are not worth the paper they are printed on,” he said.

“The end result is always the same: no money, no tickets and no entry.”   

Mr Grant said consumers should also avoid scalpers.

“If you buy a ticket from a scalper you risk the ticket not being genuine or not provided at all, or that the ticket may be cancelled by the event organiser due to conditions that restrict their resale or transfer,” he said. 

Mr Grant said if consumers experience a problem with a ticket purchased from an authorised ticketing agency they should contact the agency first to discuss the problem.

“Most event organisers and authorised ticketing agencies have their own complaint and dispute resolution processes,” he said.

If consumers remain dissatisfied, contact NSW Fair Trading for assistance on 13 32 20.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Member for Dubbo and Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources Troy Grant has welcomed news that the State’s farmers stand to benefit from more than $10 million of funding secured for carbon farming projects by Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

"Many of our farmers have been through some particularly challenging times dealing with flood events and an extensive drought period, this funding provides a badly needed injection of financial assistance," said Mr Grant.

Funding from the Federal Government's Clean Energy Future program will cover five key research areas, including reducing methane emissions from both livestock and manure, reducing nitrous oxide emissions from soil, increasing soil carbon and improving modeling capability. Other projects will trial and demonstrate a range of technologies and innovative practices on farms.

In total, 15 projects have been confirmed under this new funding arrangement, including:
Genetic technologies to reduce methane emissions from beef cattle
Understanding the impact of grazing pressure changes on soil organic carbon in the semi-arid rangelands of western NSW
Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from the NSW dryland grains industry
Farm management practices in eastern Australia to increase soil carbon
Biochar stability and soil carbon stabilisation in different land uses
The effect of fertiliser breakdown on GHG emissions and efficiency in intensive  dairy pasture systems
Compost for carbon in agriculture.

"I'm delighted to see that this important work can now take place that will benefit our primary producers who make a significant contribution to our regional economy," said Mr Grant.  


Monday, July 02, 2012

The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant has praised a NSW Government scheme that rewards good driving practices and behaviour.


The ‘Fair Go for Safe Drivers’ scheme means motorists can pay half price for their licence from 1 July if they have a good driving record for five years.


Under the scheme about 2.1 million motorists will be eligible for the cheaper licence out of 4.3 million unrestricted licence holders in NSW.


"Motorists should be recognised for maintaining clean driving records and this incentive based approach is most welcome," said Mr Grant.


"During my time as a policeman I attended the scene of too many accidents that were brought about by reckless or careless driving that resulted in unnecessary injury or death.


"This scheme encourages people to adopt safe driving habits that will lead to better driver behaviours and awareness, which in turn should result in less fatalities and serious accidents."


NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said NSW motorists whose licence expires on and from 1 July this year are eligible for the discounted licence fee.


Provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders are not eligible for the discount, however time without relevant offences while holding a P1 or P2 licence will be counted towards the five-year eligibility period once they’ve progressed to an unrestricted licence.


From 1 July 2012 unrestricted driver licence renewal fees are $52 for one year, $122 for three years and $162 for five years.


Drivers must also have no relevant offences recorded on their licence during the five years leading up to the renewal date.


 A similar scheme has been operating successfully in Victoria since 2006, which allows for a 25 per cent reduction in the licence fee.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Member for Dubbo Troy Grant recognised the difficulty in identifying suitable sources of funds for community projects and with the help of the Member for Wagga Wagga Daryl Maguire, has commissioned a compilation of grant opportunities for community based organisations.

The guide has been put together by the NSW Parliamentary Library and includes a list of grants by subject area, private sector/non government funding sources, local government funding sources and useful links.

"This document will save a great deal of time in accessing the right information and will enable a greater number of potential funding sources to be identified," said Mr Grant.

"There are a great many worthwhile causes that are deserving of funding grants and hopefully this guide will help a larger number of community groups to access those funds.

Click here to download the Report as a PDF. It can also be found on our Newsletters page.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A significant injection of funds into roads and health services in the Dubbo electorate, in the NSW Governments second budget demonstrates its commitment to improving service delivery in regional NSW, the Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said.

The $80 million re-development of Dubbo Base Hospital has received a further injection of funds to the tune of $12.5 million allocated this financial year towards stages 1 and 2 of the re-development.

"This exciting project moves a step further towards completion with the welcome injection of funds," Mr Grant said.
An additional $2.3 million will be directed towards the upgrade of Forbes and Parkes Hospitals.

"This has been achieved against the backdrop of significant challenges facing the NSW economy," said Mr Grant.
"The NSW Government understands how important it is to secure better health outcomes for the people of the Dubbo electorate."

The Government has also delivered $35.8 million through its roads budget towards infrastructure and maintenance upgrades for the region.

A further $1.1 million has been set aside to undertake pavement re-building on the Newell Highway at Yellow Creek north of Dubbo, while similar work will be undertaken on the Newell Highway north of Forbes at a cost of $800,000.

Residents will be pleased to learn that the NSW Government is honouring its election commitment by sealing Tony McGrane Way between Tullamore and Narromine at a cost of $700,000 and will fund a further upgrade of the LH Ford Bridge over the Macquarie River on the Mitchell Highway at a cost of $650,000.

Forbes locals stand to benefit from the provision of a turning lane on the Newell Highway that will cost $940, 000.

Honouring its election commitment, the NSW Government has allocated $700,000 towards the upgrade of the Newell Highway and Boothenba Road to enable its future use by road trains and b-doubles seeking access.

The Taronga Western Plains Zoo will pick up $6.4 million for construction and restoration projects within the zoo.
The Riverside Centre in Dubbo will obtain an additional $1 million towards its redevelopment.

Parkes Police Station has achieved a further $5.8 million out of the budget towards its $14 million upgrade.

The Budget allocates $178 million to employ additional police, as part of the Government’s commitment to increase authorised police numbers by 400 by June 2014.

Almost $100 million is allocated for a State Emergency services package designed to help prepare for and respond to floods and storms.

The Peak Hill Community Bus will receive $33,000 to enable it to provide ongoing transport to the frail, aged and disables.

Within the education portfolio $318 million will be spent on school maintenance with schools in the Dubbo electorate receiving over $600,000.

Dubbo College Delroy Campus will receive $200,000 for the upgrade and resurfacing of external paving and Narromine High School will be allocated the same amount for toilet renovations.

The Budget includes a $30 million boost to our Local Government Infrastructure Renewal Scheme, which helps councils with the borrowing costs on loans to address infrastructure backlogs. Dubbo and Parkes Shire were among the 69 councils that applied in the first round.

“While the Federal Government is contributing less to NSW infrastructure, the NSW Budget increases infrastructure spending by 17 per cent over the next four years, compared with the last four years," said Mr Grant.

"The people of Dubbo will see in this Budget a focus on building better infrastructure for the services we rely on every day."


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